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Dear Entrepreneur,

I have two opportunities to tell you about – here is the first. The second I will tell you about later in the letter. Then there is a special bonus for you on a different subject - how to improve your memory. This could be really useful to you in business. Don’t miss out on any of these. The three together are an amazing bargain!

So what is the first?
Have you ever thought that your hobbies could be earning you money? Why not do what you love doing and get paid for it? Answer this simple quiz to find out if this is for you:

1. Would you be willing to work a few hours a week on a proven system guaranteed to bring you recurring streams of income?
2. Do you enjoy working once and making money over and over again?
3. Are you a leader that says "I can do it" instead of wishing things would get better?
4. Do you have an open mind to listen to new opportunities before you discount them?
If you can honestly say, "Yes" to these 4 questions, you'll find this letter extremely important to your future.

There are only 2 things required to achieving financial freedom.

The right attitude is the first part and you've already demonstrated you've got that. The other part of the puzzle is the right opportunity and that's the reason I'm writing to you.

Let me tell you first, very briefly, about how my opportunity came about.

When I was a child, hanging on the wall in our home was a plaque with the saying, ‘Don’t wait for your ships to come in, row our to meet them’. I have done this in setting up my internet businesses and I strongly recommend that you do the same.

My name is Margaret Warner. I am an educationalist, a New Insights life coach and a publisher. I set up my first internet business in 1999 and have three other web sites. I love helping others to do what they are good at, whether through education, life coaching or helping them set up their own business.

I now have five strands to my business: UK based education consultancy; world wide education consultancy; specific information on multiple intelligences; life coaching, and information publications. As a result of my internet businesses I have worked, or visited schools, across India, in Algeria, South Africa and in the Gulf countries.  I have visited Beijing in China, and Washington, Los Angeles in the US – all because of my website I have sold books and videos to other countries in Africa, the USA and Romania as well as the countries that I have visited.

MAW Education is a world-wide distributor for ASCD books, DVDs and Videos, and is a publishing business for information products, and this is what I want to tell you about. That’s how these opportunities came about. Yes, through my internet business.

Without these internet businesses none of these things would have happened.
I want you to have this success too, based on what you are passionate about.

Before I tell you how, here are just a few pictures of me and some of those I have worked with in these different countries – so you know it’s true!


India Algeria Qatar

So what is this Business Opportunity I am offering you?

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